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    ASUS S301L doesn't shut down or sleep or hibernate after long usage


      Hi there,

      I have an ASUS laptop, S301L, intel core i5 4200 with AMD radeon HD8530M.

      The original OS was windows 8, then upgraded to 10.

      I've recently changed the HD with an SSD Kingstone SV300S37A, thus I installed directly windows 10.

      My problem is that after I've been using the computer for more than about 2h, the laptop fails to shut down, sleep or hibernate. In all these cases, the screen turns black but the computer (led and fan) are still on.

      If I use the computer for a short period, all works fine.

      I've been suggested that it's a problem with the GPU drivers. I tried installing the latest version or the one compatible fr windows 8.1 with no results. Moreover, the intel driver update utility keeps saying I've installed generic driver and cannot update them, even if I installed the proper intel driver.


      Any suggestion to what else I should try to fix this problem? thanks!