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    display driver stopped responding and has recovered error


      I bought a new star wars special edition computer on the 5th of November and immediately had this error start popping up on the screen from the right just above the time area the first day I got it. It came with a free service of free lifetime tech support, so I started calling them. I called them like 6 times and they told me it could be several things, first it was a pop ups, it wasn't, then it was outdated drivers, it wasn't, then told me they couldn't fix it, that I had to call HP because that's who made the computer. So I called HP, they told me they could fix it and tried whatever, then said that it would fix itself IF I restored the computer to factory specs, so I did that, and it did NOT work. They told me they would send a tech out to repair it IF it did not, and then when they called the next day to check in on it they told me they didn't have the parts to send a tech for that specific part, so they lied to me. It's a brand new computer, yet they originally told me well you don't have an in home warranty ?? So I said so what would you have said if I DID have an in home warranty? Oh I'm sorry we don't have the part we can't send a tech? I don't believe you don't have the parts for that part but they told me they have the parts for everything else for it but that. So I reordered another computer from QVC, and prepared the other computer to send back. I JUST got the 2nd computer on the 25th of November, yestereday about noon. I've been working on that computer and adding things to it and updating it all day and getting it ready and then just less than 20 minutes ago the same damn message just appeared on THIS one. There is NO WAY that both of these computers have bad display units, there has to be something else simple that everyone else is missing that is causing this message to keep appearing.  I took a picture of the message at one point when it happened on the 1st computer, it comes up and will cause a black screen then I have to click on it or opposite click on my wireless mouse to get the black screen to clear before the black screen will go away. What is causing this????  Someone please help me??