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    Switch Debug Port to UART1


      Hi Guys,


      is there a possibility to use the UART1 as a debug port instead of UART2? I need to switch them for my project. I haven't found the appropriate files in the meta-intel-edison board support package yet.



      I tried to set the serial console to 'ttyMFD1' in the u-boot arguments, like in https://communities.intel.com/message/269377. But when I change 'bootargs_console' from

      "console=ttyMFD2 earlyprintk=ttyMFD2,keep"


      "console=ttyMFD1 earlyprintk=ttyMFD1,keep"

      the Edison stops booting.



      Thank you for your help!

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          Hello j3u,


          I believe that in order for you to change this configuration you will have to modify it at the kernel level and even though you set it correctly, you will probably run into issues with UART1's muxing. I mean, as you may already know, when you try to use UART1 from Linux you have to set the MUXs to enable it, if you want to send the console data to UART1, you will have to find a way to set the MUXs to the appropriate configuration on boot.