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      Hi everyone,


      I am currently working on a signage solution with the Intel Compute Stick, we want use multiple sticks and are using the back up solution with Ubuntu provided in another topic. i have created a base image with Windows 10 but when we restore the image windows is not activated and the license key is not upgraded. is there any way windows can be activated with the original license key provided with the intel stick ?


      any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Hi Nakkie040,


          The license key is included on the pre-installed operating system and in the image of the OS. If they were not kept in a USB drive or SD previously, it will be necessary to replace the compute stick.


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          Miguel C

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            Hi Miguel,


            Thank you for your reply !


            The license key is branded in the UEFI BIOS and i can get it out with some third party tools but the problem is when we use the image of a second Intel Compute Stick, the first one isn't activated anymore. the license key is the UEFI is still Windows 8.1 and the image is Windows 10. the original license key is not upgraded to windows 10 in this process and i'm wondering if its possible to do so afterwards.


            Gr. Michiel

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              Hi Nakkie040,


              Create and paste an operating system image on Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC is not possible; there is a limitation with the Microsoft® licenses. It is necessary to perform the update one by one. Microsoft doesn’t allow us to provide with the product license key.


              Mike C