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    Driver CD for Intel dz77sl-50k motherboard




      I've just bought a used Intel dz77sl-50k motherboard but the previous owner didn't have the original driver CD/DVD.

      I know I can download all the drivers from the Intel website but I would like to have the original CD/DVD or a copy.


      Does anybody know if there is an ISO file I can download?

      Does anybody have this CD/DVD and willing to make me a copy?

      I'm willing to pay for the expenses.


      Thanks a lot!!!


      kind regards,

      Bert Zonneveld


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          Hello BertZonn,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          We only have the drivers for this motherboard located at the Download Center, it is not available in stock anymore since all of them are available through the website.


          I would suggest downloading the drivers and burning them in CD/DVD or waiting for somebody else to share a copy with you.


          I’m just giving you a suggestion but it is up to you if you prefer to wait for somebody to share a copy with you.


          Also, you can try and see if you can get one by submitting an online service request


          Thanks and regards!