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    Network protocols missing




      Since I purchased the NUC 5i5 RYH well over a year ago I have had intermittent wireless problems.


      I initially set it up under Windows 8.1 64 bit.  When I would lose wireless connectivity, it would normally be resolved by the troubleshooter which would reset the connection.  Sometimes it would indicate that wireless had been disabled so I would go into device manager and enable it.  This would be repeated every week or so.


      I have now upgraded to Windows 10 and while it was without issue initially I am now getting the new error of one or more wireless protocols are missing.  I can resolve this only by reinstalling the driver which is a pain.


      I ran scannow without any issues.  Windows updates are current.  I changed anti-virus programs just in case (AVG has given me some strange results on another computer). 


      Any advice would be appreciated.