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    Can you help with my research?


      As some of you will know I am currently studying towards a Master's Degree.

      I'm at the stage where I am preparing my research proposal, and doing well with that so far.


      My topic for research is "Simplifying the integration and interoperation of multiple-sensor systems in interactive art"

      Basically the question I am trying to answer is "Is it possible to simplify the integration of multiple electronic systems for an interactive artist?"


      I am looking for anyone who has commercial experience of integrating electronics in to interactive art.

      A (theoretical) example I'm thinking of is an installation of a light-wall, made up of hundreds of RGB Leds, which will change the colour and pattern displayed in reaction to nearby sounds, gestures and temperature.


      Do you have experience working on the electronics of interactive art installations?


      Are you an artist trying to integrate electronics into art?


      I myself do not need help with electronics (or art!).

      I am trying to find people who either need help, or already offer help in such scenarios, to be interviewed as part of my research.