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    Problem upgrading NUC5PYH BIOS


      I can't upgrade NUC5PYH BIOS to 0044 as I get  the message "BIOS Ids don't match". I use IFLASH2 on a FreeDos USB drive.


      IFLASH2 reads existing BIOS ID O.K. but finds no ID in the BIO file. I have re-downloaded the file and tried version 0043 as well. I also downloaded the zip version and unzipped that


      My expectation was that by attaching a FAT format USB drive with just the BIO file on it, the system BIOS would recognise it and do the upgrade. This didn't happen so I went the FreeDOS route which again doesn't work. I do not have an option to burn the BIOS via Windows or across the network.


      How can I verify the downloaded files are what was intended to be published by Intel?


      What I have is (by MD5SUM)


      634a38356834414cbe5de7dce57aaca3  PY0043.BIO

      136ef7c1715a5ab03a93c66f1f9447e1  PY0044.BIO

      75f32d447c0d847d81e4b8e9f2735750  PYBSWCEL.86A.0043.EB.EXE

      7a4b5085af57d998c128680472558513  PYBSWCEL.86A.0044.BI.ZIP


      On the FreeDOS USB drive after booting on the NUC I type


      IFLASH2 /P PY0044.BIO


      and get the BIOS ID mismatch message. It's not that they are slightly different, the file version number is completely absent


      Is there any alternative method of upgrading the BIOS? I can use a Linux LiveUSB system if that assists. Any in particular? I also have a Windows 8 machine.