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    Is there any significant power consumption difference? i3-6100U vs i3-4005U




      I have simple question:

      Is there any significant power consumption difference (ment from notebook on-battery run time point of view) between i3-6100U vs i3-4005U?


      My problem is as follows - I am trying to find out decent laptop with long battery life (at least 6h+ of real usage) only for school purposes (20-30 internet tabs + multiple doc/xls) - so I need only decent performance.

      In my budget frame I am keep bumping on 2 laptops where the main difference is in CPUs mentioned above, and +/- 250$

      HP ProBook 430/440 G3 (i3-6100U) vs. 250$ cheaper Lenovo ThinkPad E450 with older i3-4005U.

      For my purposes I will (in any case) upgrade to at least 8GB ram and SSD drive, but I can't do anything with CPU, so that is why I seek some advice.


      Thanks for your imput.