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    Accessing BIOS or Boot screen and escaping causes NUC5i5RYH to restart in loop


      Something weird I recently noticed. I accessed boot screen, didn't make any changes, pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del to get out of the screen. NUC restarted but this time showed only the logo (the boot and bios menu option text was missing) and restarted automatically after a while - same NUC logo screen and restart followed in a loop.


      I pulled the power plug, waited a while and powered it on again. NUC boots into my Windows 10 installation without any hiccup.


      I wanted to replicate the issue and make sure everything is in order. So next time I accessed BIOS, but made no changes, pressed ESC and same thing happened again. NUC restarted and ended up with NUC logo with no text beneath it that says press F2 to enter Boo etc. It kept restarting until I pull the power plug.


      Once I successfully boot into Windows, I can restart without getting stuck at NUC logo screen. Any thoughts whats going on with my NUC?