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    Virtual Gateway Support on Windows 10?




      Is the Virtual Gateway supported on Windows 10? 


      I noticed that Windows 10's Device Manager does not list  " Ports Com/LPT"  by default.   There seems to be a way of adding a COM port via the  Add Legacy Hardware Device Manager Options.   Before  I give that a try,  I wanted to see if Windows 10 64-bit is supported in general.



      I am experimenting with the "Intel Galileo running Wind River Rocket with App Cloud Support" demo with AppCloud and the Galileo on LabCloud.   I believe in this case, the Virtual Gateway isn't needed but I also have a physical Galileo that I plan on trying.




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          Hi GB,


          Yes, Windows 10 is supported.  I just tested it myself to make sure.  I started by plugging Adafruit FTDI Serial TTL-232 USB Cable into a freshly installed Windows 10 machine.


          NOTE: Not all USB-to-serial cables are equal.  I have some ultra-cheap ones with knock-off chips in them.  They work well under Linux, but Windows has difficulty with them.  They pretend to be official chips and the official drivers from the vendor do not always work with the knock-off chips.  This is why I have the Adafruit FTDI Serial cable as it is guaranteed to work 100% regardless of which operating system is used.


          Looking at Device Manager, I saw this:



          I chose properties and used the automatic "Update Driver" mechanism to install an appropriate driver from the Internet.


          At which point it identified the "USB Serial Converter" under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" and showed "USB Serial Port (COM3)" under "Ports (COM & LPT)"




          To verify that it worked, I installed PuTTY and used it to connect to COM3 at 115200:


          The $T11thread:01#c9 is output from gdbserver as it awaits for incoming connections.


          I then went to Helix App Cloud and downloaded the Virtual Gateway from the same "device" I'd used to generate and image for my SD card.


          I closed PuTTY to relinquish COM3 and then ran the Virtual Gateway and specified COM3 as the serial port.  I was then able to connect to the Helix App Cloud and I successfully built, deployed, and ran the Dining Philosophers demo on the board.


          Hope that helps!




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            Looking Good ...  Thanks for the reply !

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              As a quick note,    looks like the USB-to-Serial cable that comes in the "Grove starter kit plus – Intel IoT Edition for Intel Galileo Gen 2 and Edison"  also works. 

              If I exhibit any kind of issues,  I'll spring for the Adafruit FTDI Serial cable you mention.


              Thanks again for the reply.