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    INTEL 82801 SATA RAID Controller driver not been Windows verified(digitally signed) is it normal?




      We had a brand new system in place with INTEL 82801 SATA RAID Controller managing a RAID1 configuration and one of the hard drives crashed recently. Luckily since it was on RAID1 configuration data was restored on the mirrored drive. On rebooting the BIOS would load up but the the mirrored hard drive would not boot. We had to physically disconnect the SATA cable for the failed hard drive and then the system would boot from the mirrored drive (which is degraded). Now my question is:


      1. Why didnt the RAID Controller boot the mirrored Hard drive automatically after the first hard drive failed?

      2. In the device manager the INTEL 82801 SATA RAID Controller has a driver which is not digitally signed for windows compatibility. Is this the reasons why the hard drive failed or why the mirrored drive didnt boot automatically?


      These are the system specs:


      OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional version 2002 SP3 Build 2600: version 5.1.2600


      Processor: INTEL Core2 CPU 6600@2.4Ghz


      BIOS version/date: FUJITSU SIEMENS//Phoenix technologies Ltd. 5.00R1, 03-04, 2156.S2, 12/04/2008


      Shell Version:

      RAID option ROM Version:


      INTEL 82801 GR/GH SATA RAID Controller

      Driver version:



                              P/O Mode: PI04

                              DMA Mode: UDMA 6

                              Firmware: 4.AAA


      Any help in this issue would be greatly appretiated. Thank you.