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    Issue with Windows 10 Autumn Update


      Hi all,


      In regards to the new issue with the Windows 10 Autumn Update, we are currently working with Microsoft to investigate this problem. It appears that this issue is happening on other computers too, not just the Intel Compute Stick. We have seen this to be caused by a couple of things:


      - There is an SD card in the SD card slot (try again without it)
      - There is not enough free storage space for the update process to complete. There may or may not be an error message telling you that. You can re-try the update and make sure there is an 8GB+ USB thumb drive connected (via a hub).


      Of course, if you have already attempted the update and now the Compute Stick no longer works, the usual steps apply:


      - Use F8 to attempt a Windows Recovery back to factory defaults.
      - Try a BIOS recovery.


      If those steps fail to bring the Compute Stick back to life, please contact Intel Customer Support.


      If you can get your Compute Stick back up and running (or if you have not yet received the automatic update), we suggest that you turn off the Windows 10 auto-update feature. See  http://www.howtogeek.com/224471/how-to-prevent-windows-10-from-automatically-downloading-updates/.


      You might want to keep an eye on this forum post at Microsoft: Progress installing the Windows 10 November update stops responding at 44%. The most current information about this issue is likely to appear there.


      We will post updates as we find out more.


      Intel Customer Support

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          After struggling since early last week and only yesterday succeeding to bring my Intel Compute Stick back to life I feel completely qualified to say that what you just wrote is not worth the bits stored on the Intel server somewhere.  Quit parroting unsubstantiated theories.  Heck, I am better at posing a theory than anyone who has never touched a compute stick.  Have you yourself ever used the compute stick?  Did you suffer the nonsense last week?  Without first hand experience suffering this you should not post anything you "heard" from somebody at Microsoft who also never touched a Compute Stick.  Nothing I've read by anyone here from Intel since this began has been at all useful.  My ten year old daughter can give the same advice you guys suggest; none of it useful.


          Having a very official sounding statement from Intel where you are just copying garbage you read that seemed plausible is worse than not responding at all.  It just leads everyone in the wrong direction.  Instead, get yourself an Intel Compute Stick and work with it and give us your first-person observations and solutions.  Nobody here from Intel has done that since this debacle began.  Instead we either have read  of your sympathy, encouragement, hearsay, or just plainly bad advice and threats of losing our warranty coverage for taking necessary steps to un-brick the ICS.  Thanks a lot.


          Clearly Microsoft screwed this one.  And by Sunday they retreated and yanked it.  That sums it up.  And yes it is possible to now recover a completely bricked ICS by using the Microsoft Media Creation Tool to make a USB drive that can either be used as a boot device or you can run the .exe if your Compute Stick still can run an operating system.

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            Tom Yan

            Please let Microsoft know that installing freshly with the 10586/1511 iso does not work either. I often got stuck at 9%. 10240 iso works.

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              Intel can take a 32GB Windows ICS from their storage right now, running Windows 8.1 for Bing, and use their own upgrade instructions to successfully upgrade to Windows 10 10240.   Then apply the 10586 update to that fresh out of box, no SD card, 15GB+ room device and have it fail.


              So I echo PlinkerCraig and say this whole thread is a waste of time, for your Intel clients and has no facts from Intel themselves.  It's all vague and somewhat wrong information from the community to the cause if the issue, or a timely solution to those affected units.


              Does the Microsoft Media Creation Tool and boot USB device install destroy the recovery partition?   As it was stated by community mod that if you recovery via any other method than F8, it would void warranty.


              Also the fact that you get it to install successfully and then have it hang 10-20 seconds after reaching the desktop, would indicate some other issue fundamentally.

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                Tom Yan

                IIRC upgrading to windows 10 will destroy the recovery partition anyway, so the best practice is to make a recovery usb drive in control panel (which basically copies the content from the recovery partition). You know, recovery partition is never safe .


                Seems like Microsoft is pulling 10586 away from MCT and Windows Update anyway. I guess they are aware of how much they have screwed up. Seriously, they should just have options to allow user to pick at least two latest build in the tool, or make the LTSB way in Windows 10 Enterprise their general policy. This whole "Windows as Service" is merely stupid catchphrase without pragmatic thinking.

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                  How would you do a BIOS recovery? An update to Windows 10 destroys the recovery partition so F8 doesn't work.

                  I don't see any option on the BIOS (F2).

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                    Hi Jangita,


                    BIOS recovery instructions are here - Intel® Compute Stick — BIOS Recovery Instructions



                    In my original post, I did not mean to imply that what we saw with SD cards and lack of storage space was the complete cause of this problem; just that in our testing, we saw these items did in fact make units fail. Certainly there is more to the story here.

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                      Intel Stick Windows 8.1


                      Windows 10 install from usb hub not work with bios v. 24 v. 27 v.30 v. 31

                      Windows 10 install from usb hub not work withot sd card in the slot

                      Windows 10 fresh install stuck at 9%

                      Windows 10 install if completed is unusable

                      Windows 10 install update the recovery partition and the F8 to recovery will not work anymore

                      Windows 10 install in my stick deleted all partition so the restore is only possible from image of disk created previously the first start. ;-)

                      My question: to resolve the trouble of bricked stick why Intel not releasing image of preinstalled disk software? Uefi bios have the windows serial and not the image disk?!?!


                      I'm very disappointed

                      (sorry for my bad italian english)


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                        Tom Yan

                        I don't think Microsoft allows any vendor to release an ISO of Windows 8.1 with Bing. Not to mention that users could have backup their recovery partition by creating a recovery thumb drive (builtin Windows feature).

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                          Ok. But the official iso can be downloaded from Microsoft servers. Why the releasing image is a trouble? And the F8 not functional after the upgrade fail? And the problems of brick of the users who has purchased the Stick?  Microsoft and Intel replacing immediately the stick to the users?

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                            I have the restore image created with Windows 8.1 on a usb key. But the F8 function present at boot screen is not functional after the official restore. I can't know other hidden future trouble related to this Win10 install fail. Releasing the original image which install only on the sticks is a great service to the users and their credit for buying this product and not a Raspberry (for example)

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                              Tom Yan

                              Because Windows 8.1 with Bing is special? Does Microsoft ever need a reason for things like this :P?


                              If you have created a recovery thunb drive with the Windows 8.1 with Bing esd/wim copied to it, you don't have to use F8 for it. You should be able to boot it like normal uefi bootable drive and use "system reset" in the advance option. There's a chance you need to clean the drive with diskpart first though.

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                                Without a entirely disk image is not possible the restore if the stick has no partition present. The restore say "non posso continuare perchè manca una partizione necessaria". Instruction for restoring the F8 functionality?

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                                  Tom Yan

                                  As I've said, you have to had tick the box to copy the image to the recovery drive, otherwise it's almost useless.


                                  If you're sure that that the image was copied (so around 3-4 GB is used instead of around 0.5-1GB), make sure you pick the "system reset" in "advanced option" equivalence in your language. Also try to clean the drive with diskpart first  to make sure it does not look for recovery partition on the eMMC (I don't recall if this is necessary though).

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                                    Tom Yan

                                    Do NOT use F8 if you want to use the recovery drive instead of the partition which no longer has the image. Just boot it as a UEFI-bootable thumb drive.

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