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    IMSM volumes in Linux mdadm RAID setup


      I would like to understand better what "volumes" are in a IMSM RAID. I am using Linux kernel 2.6.31 and mdadm 3.0.3, which does support IMSM. Nevertheless, after creating the volumes using the Option ROM of the Tyan S7025 motherboard with two identical SATA hard disks, and running mdadm to assemble the raid devices, all I get is a container device. I do not gain access to the two volumes that I wish to create as RAID arrays (one level 0, the other level 1).


      As such, I must ask if mdadm is *fully* supporting IMSM or not? What is Intel's view on the subject? The other RAID tool, dmraid, does seem to be able to identify the two volumes, so I wonder. My preference would be to use mdadm, hence the question.


      Thanks ahead,