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    Intel Desktop Control - EX58-UD3R (any working version?)


      As the topic states, I've recently gotten my self this motherboard and an i7 along with it, though I cant seem to find any "intel desktop control" version that works with the motherboard, is there in fact no working version for it out yet (will there ever be?).


      Thanks on beforehand // Zeux.


      [Edit]: While I'm here. Having clocked my i7 to about 3.5ghz at stock cooling and stock Vcore (seems stable), I run at 83-87c in prime95. Will this work in the long run? (note that most apps/games etc wont load all thread and prolly not go past 75c~) An input here would be cool:) I'm expecting to use the CPU for atleast like 2 years so doesn't have to last much longer that that really:)