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    RAID1 on SSD cards?


      I have two SSD drives on SATA Port 0 and 1

      Also have two WD hard drives in SATA Port 2 and 3.



      Somehow Drive C in RAID 1 is Port1 SSD and Port 3 WD.

              Drive D in RAID 1 is Port0 SSD and Port 2 WD



      The computer is extreamly slow.

      I'm sure when I set it up I made Drive C Port 0 and 1 both on the SSD cards and Drive D on port 2 and 3 both on theWD HD.



      How do I change it back so drive C is completely on SSD cards?

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          Remove one HDD and one SSD from arrays. Mark SSD as spare and restore SSD array. Mark HDD as spare and restore HDD array.

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            Thanks JFF,

            I removed one of each.

            I'm now running C on the SSD and D on the HDD

            Intel RST shows the the second drive of each as missing but retains the serial number of the opposite type

            I don't know where to mark them as a spare?  Somewhere in Intel RST or in bootup Cntrl-I?

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              I am using INTEL RST

              When I go to the Rebuilding page you furnished above, it tells me to:

              Follow these steps to rebuild a RAID volume after replacing a failed hard drive from a redundant RAID volume (RAID 1,5,10):

              1. Turn on the system.
              2. Click Start.
              3. Click All Programs.
              4. Click Intel.
              5. Click Intel® Rapid Storage Technology.
              6. Click Rebuild to another disk.
              7. Select the replacement hard drive and click Rebuild.


              Back on my computer there is no option to rebuild.

              My drives are shown as missing not failed.

              When I plug the missing SDD drive in it automatically rebuilds it from the HDD drive it was paired with before.


              Seems like I could set all drives as Non-RAID then make them RAID 1 and pair the SDD together.

              But that option says all data will be erased.

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                Hello tleihn:


                Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


                I understand that you are having some issues with a RAID configuration.


                RAID 1 is using one SSD and one HDD (Drive C)

                2nd RAID 1 is using one SSD and one HDD (Drive D)


                I would like you to compare the information present in the BIOS with the information in the Intel(R) Rapid Storage app.


                If it is the same, a new RAID configuration would have to be performed in order to get the correct drives for each RAID 1.


                Another recommendation would be to match the interfaces used with the Port# so you can make sure the Port# used for each RAID configuration is the desired drive.



                Esteban C

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                  RAID 1 is using one SSD and one HDD (Drive C)

                  2nd RAID 1 is using one SSD and one HDD (Drive D)


                  BIOS RAID data.....

                  RAID VOL  0 WD VOL 0 RAID1

                  RAID VOL  1 SSD VOL 0 RAID1 (as you can see, when I named them in the beginning I planned on Vol 0 to be SDD drives.)

                  Physical PORT 0 SSD Member disk 0

                  Physical PORT 1 SSD Member disk 1

                  Physical PORT 2 HDD Member disk 0

                  Physical PORT 3 HDD Member disk 1


                  Motherboard:HP d4790y and Intel RST data......

                  SATA 1 Black  connector SSD 250gb VOL 0 Port 1 SATA_Array_0001

                  SATA 2 White  connector SSD 250gb VOL 1 Port 0 SATA_Array_0000

                  SATA 3 Red    connector HDD 250gb VOL 0 Port 3 SATA_Array_0001

                  SATA 4 Blue    connector HDD 250gb VOL 1 Port 2 SATA_Array_0000

                  SATA 5 Purple connector DVD RW

                  SATA 6 Yellow connector DVD RW


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                    Thank you for the information provided, all the physical configuration is ok,my recommendation for this situation would be:


                    1. Backup all your information.

                    2. Check that Intel® Smart Response is not enabled at BIOS level.

                    3. Create the first RAID configuration, only with SSDs connected to the system.

                    4. Create the second RAID with the HDDs.



                    Esteban C