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    Windows 10 upgrade tanks HDMI - need real answer


      I've read every post on this (and other) forums and am not finding an answer. I find there are three issues with both how the question is asked and how the answer is dealt with:

      1. The answer is so technical that I'd need a college degree to try it (reinstall drivers - what drivers? where? etc...)

      2. The answer is never given, but multiple questions about specifics of hardware, OS, etc. This is a universal HP/Win10 issue - it needs to be addressed at that level

      3. The questions (and therefore answers) address ONLY sound - if the sound worked, that would mean it's at least recognizing the HDMI port


      Here is my issue:

      1. Typically run a projector (for business) using HDMI & laptop (Pavilion dm4 / i5) = worked fine

      2. Updated to Windows 10

      3. The HDMI no longer exists as far as this laptop is concerned


      It's not the projector, please don't blame the projector. It still works fine on four other Windows 10 laptops.

      It's not the cord, please don't blame the cord. It still works fine on four other Windows 10 laptops. (All Toshibas, btw)

      Please don't ask me to do things like "reinstall drivers" unless you explain to me HOW to do so, WHERE they are located, and WHAT they are named, specifically and IN BASIC ENGLISH. The last "answer" left me with a black screen and having to troubleshoot just to get back to where I started

      Please don't ask me to reinstall Windows 10. Again. It didn't fix it the first time or the second time, it just wasted my time.

      Please don't ask me to revert back to Windows 7 and leave me hanging. That's a copout and you know it.


      As you can see, I am getting the runaround, as are many others looking for the solution. There is no real answer out there! I've narrowed it down to the Intel forum because the bulk of folks with this same problem have a similar system, and all have the Intel (R) graphics & media control panel, that's where they get us started down all these dead ends.


      So - the *real* question here is, why would a Windows 10 upgrade wipe out my HDMI port all together and how do I get it back?