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    IPDT Linux version bug


      I downloaded f20_32b-xfce-, and ran it on an old laptop, Fujitsu S6120 with Pentium M 1600MHz.


      The problem is that the program expects the processor speed to be 1600 (MHz), and then detects it as 1.600 (GHz), and exits with a failure, since they don't match, even though they actually do.


      I took over the source code, IPDT.x86.Linux. In the file CPUFreqManager.cpp I can see that the testing is doomed to fail if the speed is lower than expected, even when the config setting Site="Other" is selected. This differs from the documentation (The Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool in Fedora Live OS User Guide - Rev 10.pdf) available at the download site.


      Is there a reason for this? Is there a way to get this fixed? I could possibly fix it myself if I only had the required tools: Intel C++ compiler and linker.

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          Cesar Badilla

          Hello ristosu,


          Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We are currently trying to reproduce the issue on our end and will let you know of the outcome.


          Please take into consideration the Linux version of the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool (IPDT) is compatible with the following operating systems:

          Fedora* revision 15, 32-bit.

          Fedora Linux 15* 32 & 64-bit (Custom Fedora LiveUSB provided by Intel).

          You could Download Linux version of IPDT from here 


          Please note, the Linux IPDT download site does not have the latest Linux builds that match the Windows* IPDT releases that are currently posted. The Fedora* Linux images are based on Fedora* 15, which may or may not work with new platforms. Intel is working on a Fedora* 17 build IPDT, we will post in on the Linux IPDT download site when it is ready.


          Caesar B_Intel.