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    Intel microcode concerns


      Hi everyone,


      I would to know what language intel's microcode are written, what's the compiler. Does have diference between intel microcode for linux and microcode for windows?


      I have a rampage IV black edition, so i downloaded linux intel microcode .dat file. I have used a program to extract dat file what gave me various .bin files.


      I used a program called mmtool from AMERICAN MEGRATRENDS, so i update my cpu microcode into uefi/bios file. Then i believe the microcode from windows and linux are

      the same. How is it possible to be UNIVERSAL. is it the same way from pen drives, SSD's that have their firmwares?


      Are the microcodes 32 bit and 64 bit at same time?



      I am very curious about that question.


      Sorry by bad english.


      Thanks very much

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          Hi stonn,


          The microcode is keep it in the BIOS of the motherboard. The BIOS contains a bunch of processor codes; these codes let the processors be recognized by the BIOS.
          Intel processors since 1995 supports operating systems of 32 and 64bit.


          Only motherboard manufacturers have access to include or remove processor microcode. Now, there are applications allowing the Customers to add or remove settings on the BIOS; for example add an image on the post process, let end users to get into the BIOS menu and change settings of it.


          Now, when we are talking about .dat, .dll and .bin, these files are related to the Kernel of the operating system (Windows®, Linux, Mac, etc). There are operating systems based on 32 bit and 64bit.


          MiKe C

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            Hi Mikec,


            Is this firmware, assuming it is a .bin file, is UNIVERSAL??? How can the same firmware works under linux, windows and mac???


            Is it a universal binary? what language is it made? what is the compiler? WHAT IS THE OBJECT FILE FORMAT?


            I extracted .dat intel firmware microcode for LINUX, what gaves me various .bin files. So i updated my bios using a program called mmtool from american megatrends. I tested booting windows and linux after that and both worked. If linux intel microcode works for windows too, the microcode tends to be UNIVERSAL; do you agree?


            I am curious to know how is it possible, because linux object file format is different from windows and from mac. Did intel created a super object file format compatible with these 3 platforms?


            If is it possible, what is the magic?





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              Hi stonn,


              The BIOS is a little software in the chipset of the motherboard, it recognizes the hardware attached to the board then, it transfers the control to the operating system. The operating system could be Linux, Windows®, MAC or other.


              Pc only understands binary formats.


              The file below gives you more details about the BIOS.

              BIOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


              MiKe C