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    INTEL DG41RQ Sata Port Problem


      Dear Friends,

      My Intel DG41RQ Mother board, starts fine with the Intel Screen, with the options of F2, F10, F12 and

      it does enter into BIOS setup too, we are able to change the boot options too.

      it is also booting with Pata HDD of 160GB.

      It doesn't detect the Sata DVD Drive and Sata HDD from last week.

      Where as the DVD drive and HDD works fine with other motherboards.

      It was working well till last week.

      The board is still under waranty.

      But I need the solution from our community members, the reasons for the sudden behaviour of the

      motherboard. System Config Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz+DG41RQ+4GB RAM+160 GB HDD Pata Seagate+ 500 GB Sata HDD +18x Sony DVD RW and

      other accessories. Personal mails also welcome.




      P Pathik

      Mail Id: ppathik@gmail.com