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    CPU Compatability


      I'm looking for a compatable cpu thats cheap for an Intel D955XCS motherboard, I looked up the processer list but it hasn't been updated since september 16, 2006, I'm curious if an Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale would be compatable the both have a 755 socket and the motherboard would support the 800mhz FSB I just want to make sure they will work together before I buy anything.

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          If the CPU is not on the compatibility list then no it hasnt been tesated and probably won't work. If the list hasnt been updated is because there are no more CPUS that are compatible with the board.

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            Well you see thats the thing the list isn't very sepecific because when I look up the board it says it can work with dual core processors and when I check the list it says the board can work with the Intel Pentium Extreme Processor in which case the processor I'm looking at Intel Pentium E5200 is an Extreme Processor It's just not the on the list but it is also a newer processor then the update date.

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              the D955 mobo is very old !! therefore, the new CPUs don't boot on that mobo because the micro architecture is different! that mobo only support the old Pentium D, Pentium 4 and below. THe new Pentium E5000 series (65nm or 45nm micro architecture) don't boot in that. Or any of the Core2 families don't boot as well because of the new 65nm and 45nm. Hope this helps!