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    DG33FB / DG33BU Wrong Cpu Compatibility table!



      I was an happy owner of one DG33FB motherboard.... until i decided to upgrade my cpu.


      First of all i checked the support page of this mainboard, updated the bios and verified the cpu compatibility.

      On this page:



      ...Found!  Q8400 will be my next cpu! (yes it is supported by every bios after 0484....mine is 0572...no problem at all)


      Now the cpu has arrived...but bios recognize only one "GenuineIntel cpu" or something like this!!

      (it means: i have one cpu installed but i don't know who is ...you know?)

      Now my os cannot use vt, speedstep..nothing.... and also has problems rebooting the machine (hangs on black screen)


      Putting back my old E7200 everything works without problems.


      So, SUPPORTED WHAT DOES IT MEANS?????          ...... "it turns on"????      ...it is very different from "works"!


      Yes, i think it should be only a problem concearning the microcode, but if the cpu is newer than 20090715(bios date), how intel may declare as "supported" every new cpu using this socket?


      Is there a solution? Is there a way to update the microcode part of the bios or a newer bios?


      ....or my money are gone due to a wrong compatibility table?