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    Driver Issues (GFX and WLAN)

    Tom Yan

      I am currently with the preinstalled Windows 8 with Bing.


      The first issue is that the graphics driver package provided in download center (GFX_Win8.1_10_32_15.33.39.4276.zip) tries to install an unsigned driver. Fortunately the same version ( can be obtained automatically from Microsoft with the help of device manager.


      The second issue is the installer of the Realtek WLAN driver is broken. When it tries to install the Cisco EAP modules, it stuck. The workaround to finish the installation is to try to reboot but cancel when Windows prompts that the installer is still running for each module package (so three times). Apparently the modules won't be installed anyway though.


      When I run the module installers in the folder "EAP", they seem to work fine and actually installs. It's just that they require .NET Framework 2.0. However, this does not seem to be the cause of the issue, since it still occur after I added the feature. The fact is it seems the main installer did not even look for the module installers, since the workaround works with the "EAP" folder deleted.


      I think Intel can provide only the actual driver (folder "RTWLANS_Driver") and the EAP module installers (folder "EAP"), if they are even necessary, instead of the current package to prevent users from getting into troubles if Realtek has no plan to fix it.


      Also Microsoft seems to provide a more updated driver through device manager (3008.8.401.2015, with driver date of 13/5/2015, versus 3008.7.313.2015, with driver date of 7/4/2015, while Intel released that package on 14/5/2015).

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          Tom Yan

          Just installed Windows 10 10240. I can't get the graphics driver from device manager (the basic adapter driver is considered the best/latest), and the signature of the driver from download center is also considered invalid.


          The WLAN installer works in Windows 10 somehow, though I doubt that the EAP modules are actually installed (or needed) anyway. I can get more updated version in device manager as well.


          I can get the latest Bluetooth UART driver from device manager in Windows 10 but not in Windows 8.1.


          Btw the version of the SOC drivers for Windows 8.1 is 603.x, as oppose to 604.x on the download page.

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            Yeah, I made the mistake of trying Intel's drivers on my first unit.


            But ultimately just upgrade to Window 10 10240 and let windows find the drivers and update itself.  I've not bothered with Intel's outdated drivers and it's been fine.  I know when I installed the WLAN drivers on my first bricked device it caused the connection to drop constantly, which on uninstalling, fixed that issue.

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              I’m glad to hear that your issue has been fixed, if you need anything else let me know and I will be more than glad to assist you!



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                I Guess you are a representative of Intel, and that's very lacking.  Please read and understand the questions asked.  BIOS has nothing to do with the driver files supplied by Intel.

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                  Tom Yan

                  Yeah this is all about:

                  1. Fix the ******* signature of the driver package

                  2. Make sure the installer works before pushing a package to download center

                  3. Push the drivers to Microsoft's repository if there's such a mechanism


                  Seriously, he could have just reply "we'll fix them soon" and then do nothing, which is even better, instead of talking non-sense.


                  P.S. Maybe those are just experimental AI project products (a.k.a., bot ) from Intel? Their nick (_intel) looks suspicious anyway.

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                    I really apologize that I have posted to the wrong thread.


                    tom.ty89 when you do an upgrade to Windows 10 in the Intel® Compute Stick, the drivers will be loaded as well.


                    I tested the drivers for the Intel® Compute Stick from the download center and they work OK.


                    I’m not sure if I’m understanding your issue very well but I’m in good position to help you as much as I can.

                    tom.ty89 and Rumbaar I really apologize for the misunderstood.



                    Thanks and regards!

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                      Tom Yan

                      Never mind. I have already listed every problem I have experienced and saw in best details. If you can't understand or reproduce any of them then just forget it. I have to admit that they aren't very serious problem. The worst issue is that the WLAN installer doesn't work on Windows 8.1, which users might end up at a state that it's half installed and can uninstall it properly, and I have given a workaround on that. Hope that someone in need will see it.