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    PAL/NTSC Camera Module


      This camera 3DR Store- FPV Camera was on clearance so I decided to pick one up. It outputs through an RCA cable in PAL and NTSC (selectable). How can I connect it to the Edison to relay video over Wi-Fi? I am using the mini breakout board. I am fine connecting an extra board to process the video, and would prefer if the video was in a form able to be processed by the Edison.

      All hardware and software help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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          The first step before using a camera with the Edison is to check if the UVC driver is installed. Type

          find /lib/modules/* -name 'uvc'

          If the UVC driver is installed, the output should look something like this:



          To make sure the UVC driver is loaded and the webcam is detected properly, plug in your webcam, then type lsmod | grep uvc:

          root@myedison:~# lsmod | grep uvc

          uvcvideo 71516  0
          videobuf2_vmalloc 13003  1 uvcvideo
          videobuf2_core 37707  1 uvcvideo



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            I understand the use with UVC modules from what I have read in other threads. What I need help with is connecting this RCA/Composite module to the Edison because it has analog output and not digital. I've found converters for composite to USB online, so if worst comes to worse I can use one of those. I would rather use a custom board to do the conversion as I am concerned about size and scale-ability. Apparently TI has a chip to digitally represent NTSC and PAL signals and I am looking into converting that to .h264 on board to stream. I hope I clarified what I was asking, and sorry it took me a while.

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              I’ve never tried to interface an RCA cable with an Edison board. I looked for some tutorials and found some examples that use an RCA cable with Arduino. These examples also include code that you can try on the Edison. Hopefully you can find this useful.

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