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    Do we currently have a working upgrade path to Windows 10 10586?


      Okay, so I've returned my original ICS and it's currently sitting at Windows 8.1 again. I'm prompted at Windows update that my free upgrade to Windows 10 is available.  Can I, without incident, now perform this upgrade?


      On my previous ICS I went straight from a fresh install, using the Intel instructions, to Windows 10 version prior to 1511 10586 and it worked without incident.  I didn't even wait for 8.1 to update, and my BIOS was not at the latest 0031.


      I've now updated my ICS to the latest BIOS version available.  So what are the 100% methods needed to get my unit to the latest version of Windows 10, without rendering it non-functional again?


      I tried the Windows Update download and it failed, with it reverting to a previous version of Windows.