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    somethings wrong, cant play anything


      hi, i need some help, i tried everything i knew, i cant play anything without a lot of lag, i tried games like runescape, Facebook games, everything lags like hell.

      i tried updating everything, tried going bios (wanted to increase dedicated video memory, but didint had that option) it shows that i have available 1792mb of grapichs memory yet dedicated is 64, shared video memory is 0

      i have 4gb of ram

      intel Pentium j2900 up to 2,67 procesor

      and intel hd graphics

      my pc is lenovo h30-00

      i know it's a cheap pc and sutff but i imagine that i could play at least games like Runescape or Facebook games, yet everything lags, tried win 7,10 and nothing works, the pc is brand new, just couple of days old

      i have read somewhere that it should use my rams as video memory only when it needs to, but then why do everything lag, i think its something with graphics, but ofcourse mabye im wrong, i have no idia how to fix it..

      thanks for any help