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    16 GB Memory failed (Memory is in "Supported memory list" from Intel)


      We use an Intel Server Board S3420GPLX with two Dimm's (each has 2 GB) in the both blue Slots.

      Now we wanted to upgrade the Server. I ordered 4 Dimm's (Samsung M393B5170DZ-CF8) with 4 GB each.

      They are in the Intel List for this Mainboard.

      In put the both old 2 GB's out and put the 4 new and bigger ones in - but - it doesn't work

      The differences between the old and the new Memory is not just the MemorySize , but also the Speed.

      (the old one 1333 / the new one 1066)

      What is the fault? Is there any changing required in the Bios BEFORE changing the Memory?

      When i put in the old ones again - the Server is booting..

      Please help me - i have to "upgrade" the Server within the next day's