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    S5400SF Throttling Mode


      I'm posting this in the hopes that someone can help. I have looked through various sources online, but could find no answer or discussion, so I'll be opening it myself.

      I'm not sure what all information I should start with about the server, but I'll start with the following:


      Intel(R) Server Board:           S5400SF

      Intel(R) Server System:        SR1560SF

      System BIOS:                     S5400.86B.07.00.0033

      BMC Firmware Revision:      0.11

      HSC Firmware Revision:      2.09

      SDR Revision:                    SDR Package 11



      I've been having an issue with the throttling mode. Whenever I boot, I receive a POST error, 85FC, telling me that Closed Loop Thermal Throttling could not be configured.

      The most information I could find on this issue is that it may not configure properly if any installed DIMMs do not have functional AMB thermal sensors, but as far as I can tell, mine do.


      I am waiting to hear back from the seller I purchased this from, but if it is possible to fix this rather than send it back and wait for a replacement (if they agree on that method), I would much rather do so.


      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.