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    6 disk raid 10 - is there a way?


      I have an Intel P45 chipset board (MSI P45 Platinum) with 2 jmicron ports and 6 intel ICH10R controlled ports + 1 e-sata. Ideally I want to be able to configure 2 disc raid 1 on the jmicron and 6 disk raid 10, however everything I read says maximum 4 disk raid 10 on the ICH10R.


      However I keep seeing references in posts to people using 6 disk raid 10 in relation to IMSM 8.9 issues (which I had continuously failing disks hence the research). No is there something I am missing here? Or are people just posting ********? I worked out that at least one person was using the in correct terminology when as they actually had 2 disk mirror + 4 disk raid 10.


      I do still wonder if there is a way to do it, build 3 mirrors and then create a stripe across the volumes manually or something heh. Pretty sure its impossible, but I am holding out hope, I just dont have enough room in my case for an actual 8 port raid card due to an ATI crossfire setup.


      Any leads or info appreciated.