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    Use windows and intel ahci drivers simultaneously?


      I have an X25-M G2 80GB (C:) running in windows 7 64-bit, along with 3 hdds (D:, E: and F:).

      Did a clean install of windows on the SSD (using default windows ahci drivers - msahci.sys), and all runs well, except for the fact that when I wake the computer from sleep, 2 of the 3 HDDs sometimes disappear from 'my computer' and device manager.  The only way to get them back is to reboot.  This seems to be a fairly common problem, and the most suggested diagnosis is a flaw with the windows ahci drivers.  The solution was to switch to the intel matrix storage manager drivers (iastor.sys), which indeed solved the problem.


      Of course I have had to sacrifice trim to do this.  Since the original problem never involved drive C:, there was no issue using the default windows drivers to control the SSD.  So is there any way to have msahci.sys control the SSD, and iastor.sys control the hdd's, to get the best of both worlds?!  Or is it one or the other?