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    Remote keyboard doesn't work until restart the app on hw


      I brought a Intel computer stick and I expected to use the Intel remote keyboard app instead of a real keyboard. After I installed the app both on computer and mobile, the connection is fine. But all the keyboard and mouse doesn't work and even no mouse pointer on the screen.

      I try a lot of things to tackle, adding exception to the exe, changing the premission of the app, but nothing works.


      Finally, I found that if I quit and restart the app on the compute,  it Works eventually. Does anyone tell me how to fix it?

      It is really annoying to restart the app every time to make it work. Besides, it defeat the object of the app which having to connect a wireless keyboard to restart the program and change back to the remote keyboard.


      I am from Hong Kong, and this is my first time leaving question here. Sorry for my terrible gramma but really hope fellas here can give me a help!