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    Edison drive has 767 MB after format..Yocto image to be copied is 0.98 GB


      Hi !

      I wish to reflash my Edison to restore some files that I might have messed up.

      But the problem is a little weird.


      When I format the Edison drive to be able to copy new image files, system shows that Edison has 767MB of 767MB free space, while the image (Release 2.1 Yocto* complete image) downloaded from Intel Website has a 0.98 GB size of files. (I have tried to format the Edison from a Ubuntu System, using the Linux terminal way; as well as through my own Windows 10 system, using the Windows cmd way)

      Please help.


      What could have caused Edison's disk space to reduce?


      Some information :

      I have the Edison breakout board.

      I am using the Edison on a windows-10 64 bit system.

      I had been previously able to reflash my Edison easily.

      After reflashing, I had installed mariadb on Edison ( https://communities.intel.com/message/330112 )

      Now, I want to reflash the Edison since it does not save the Wifi configuration between reboots.