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    Intel AC 7260 not recognized in device manager


      I have a Clevo W150ERQ with an Intel Dual wlan/bluetooth network card AC-7260. A week or so ago I updated to windows 10 doing a clean install. I noticed right away that the bluetooth would randomly just turn off or I would drop the connection to my bluetooth mouse. Sometimes the mouse would reconnect right away, other times I would have to use the physical buttons to turn off, then turn on the laptop bluetooth in order for the mouse to reconnect.


      This happened sporadically and all drivers were up to date. The problem was annoying enough that I thought I would try to uninstall the device in device manager, take the networkcard out, restart windows, shut down, re-install the network card and let windows re-install the card drivers etc. However, when I put the card back in the computer the wlan is not recognized by the computer. The device does not show up under network adapters. But very strangely, the bluetooth DOES work and shows "Intel Wireless Bluetooth" in device manager.


      I was careful to make sure the wires are connected properly. There are three wires labeled "wm1" "wm2" and "wm3". "wm3" was not originally used or connected to anything. (What is that ww3 wire for?)


      How can it be that the bluetooth shows up but not the wifi? I should also say that I have a spare Intel 7260 card that I installed and it too did not work. I know that both network cards work (tested in another computer). So the problem has to be with the Clevo computer, either software or hardware.


      Any advice is much appreciated.