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    Intel NUC5CPYH Win7 usb3.0 problem




      i try install win7 at intel nuc5cpyh

      i was download msdn image win7 and rec to usb20-flash

      i was download intel Win7_USB3.0_Creator_v2 and include drivers to that usb-flash by this util

      in visual bios i set windows 7 mode


      when i try setup on first level (installer make files on SSD disk) - everything fine. no problem. mouse and keyboard works fine

      but after reboot - second level - keyboard not work. i can't continue install


      can u help me pls? i'am so sorry for my english. i try find solution in internet - but i can't

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          I followed the instructions here:


          Did you make sure to add the drivers to both images (boot.wim and install.wim)?

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            I thought that it must do utility automatically:

            Download Windows 7* USB 3.0 Creator Utility

            but it make usb3-support only for pre-install - not for installed OS

            i was try copy drivers to $WinPeDriver$, but it make blue screen after press install


            but it will probably i have to do manually by your recommendations

            ok, i will try today. thank u.

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              now i sure - i was rebuild install.wim and boot.wim

              problem same. WinPE - works fine. after first level install (copy to local drive) - not work - and i cant continue

              i use drivers from intel NUC5CPYH's page USB_3.0_Win7_64_4.0.0.36

              what i can to do? i want install win7

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                all problem was about this:



                and intel's util (which usb3 creator) don't check it!!!!!!!! its idiocy!!!!


                just check that files in drivers folder not block by OS.


                but yours util say: install.wim - ok, boot.wim - ok. BUT install.wim - NOT OK!!! he made only boot.wim (about install.wim just say, but not do - its lie).


                u must include check this param in util, else - is mockery

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                  Hello bzmn,    


                  This issue currently is under investigation, we apologize for the inconvenience. As soon as I we have an answer it will be post it on Intel® Download Center.





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                    Hello....new to the forum here.

                    First I would like to say thank you to Intel for keeping representatives available here to answer questions.


                    Like everyone else on the forum I am trying to solve problems, specifically mine is with a new NUC and loading Win7.

                    I have found documentation on the USB 3.0 and Win7 problem sparse and scattered. Have spent WAY too much time on this issue. No doubt Intel should have seen this issue and frustration for consumers ahead of time and offer CLEAR documentation with a CLEAR path to to reasonably work the issues. There is a half hearted attempt here with the tool to inject the drivers into the boot image.


                    Problem is...it doesn't work. I am using a Win10 machine, bootable usb flash drive, Win7 iso copied. Have tried different flash drives and several different images. All stall at some point in the process and do not complete.


                    Obviously the problem has been promised a resolution in this thread. Where is it?


                    BTW, I have seen the thread with directions to manually place the drivers into the image. What a PAIN.... and really what regular joe has the time to spend and learn to make all that happen when a simple tool should get the job done.


                    Sign me frustrated and sign Intel Ball Dropped.

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                      Hello, Amherst:


                      I understand but at this stage this is still under investigation, no further details have been provided yet. Please keep on checking the Drivers & Software for further releases.