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    Grateful for any help in recovering from a bad BIOS flash upgrade




      I just flashed my Sony VAIO VGN FE31Z and now my laptop has no display. It is working (the hard disk and CD/DVD drive are accessed) but black screen.


      I believe there is a way to get the notebook to boot from USB Floppy drive. ( IN HP it is a Fn + B or Windows + B keys)


      I will be grateful for help on any of the following:


      A way to convert my .wph file to .bin

      A way to boot from floppy and create a crisis recovery BIOS upgrade floppy


      I believe there is a program called wincris.exe which will help create a crisis disk. I have extracted Sony's BIOS upgrade file with the phlash, .wph files. Need to convert these to .bin  Have tried looking for a BIOS editor like Phoenix Bios editor


      Have also seen posts which say that there is a way to get the computer to boot from floppy.


      WIll be really grateful for any help and guidance.