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    NUC5i5RYH Problems reinstalling Windows  7


      After a crash I wanted to restore a backup with O&O. The first problem was to bring the BIOS to accept my O&O (or any other USB-stick) boot stick. After a lot of fiddling with the BIOS settings th NUC at least can start from legacy sticks. As the restore did not work I tried to reinstall Windows 7. But to my surprise this does not work either. The install process stopps with an error, when I try to formate the M.2.SSD for Windows. "Windows cannot be installed on this drive. You have to ensure that the Controller is activated in the BIOS menu of your computer." This sounds strange, as I have adressed the SSD before from a bootable Windows-PE stick and cleaned the SSD from all partitions.


      What are the correct BIOS settings for a clean reinstall of all the neccessary Windows partitions from a bootable USB stick?