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    Windows Server 2008 on 82801FR?



      i have a HP ProLiant ML310G2 with Embedded 82801FR (ICH6R) RAID-Controller configured as RAID 1.

      Installing Windows Server 2008 x86 fails because cannot find HDDs. I've tried many drivers from HP and other sources.

      Some drivers let appear the RAID during installation but leads in BSOD (STOP 7B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) after 1st reboot.

      My question: Is there any driver for this controller which works under Server 2008 or any other way to bring Server 2008 up on this hardware?

      Thanks in advace.



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          1. Set the controller to Legacy or IDE mode in setup.

          2. Install Windows, update all drivers.

          3. Set the controller back to ICH mode.

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            Hello Leonardo,


            thank you for your post.

            I deactivate RAID functionality in BIOS and was able to install Server 2008.

            However after updating all drivers and building RAID1 the Server returns BSOD.

            Since this Server has to run in production environment i choose to buy a new Controller which fully supports Server 2008.

            Merry xmas.


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              it's me again.

              Since Server 2008 won't install on the built-in Controller i decide to buy suitable Controller.

              The Servers manual says that the PCIe x4 Slot accept x8-card.

              Does anyone know if a SmartArray P400 (405132-B21) /w 256Mb BBWC (381573-001) will work in that Server in combination with the original cable and 4-slot-hdd-cage?

              Thanky you in advance.