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    Please Help S5000XVN wrong Bios upgrade!?


      Hi there,

      By mistake i've upgraded the bios of S5000XVN motherboard with this "S3200SH_BIOS48_BMC32_FRUSDR114.zip". (I grabed the wrong USB),

      now the SC5299WS has a solid Amber light on and i can not boot the system. if i remove/reset the cmos/battery then the system turns on for 4-5 secound and turns off again.


      Please help me if you can, Thanks in advanced,

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          It's unlikely that you can upgrade a S5000XVN using S3200SH BIOS, because the upgrade utility should check system ID before performing the upgrade... Anyway, you can try the following steps:

          1. Locate the CMOS Clear Jumper (J1D1) and place it on pins 2-3. Wait for 5-10 seconds and place the jumper back to 1-2 and power on the system.

          2. If step 1 doesn't work, try to boot from BIOS bank 0 by placing the BIOS Bank Select jumper (J1C3) to pins 1-2.

          3. If the system still won't boot, try the BMC Force Update jumper (J1E3).


          If the system can boot after you move any of the jumpers above, do a BIOS/FW update immediately.


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            Hi Edward,

            Thank you very much for your help, it worked and i am able to boot now, but i get an error in bios "Error Manager"

            Error Code = 84F2 - Severity= Major - Instance = n/a.

            I can't see any SAS HD (have 2) but able to see the SATA HD.


            if i try to update using Server Deployment Assistant i get this error:

            *ERROR* BMC is in FW Transfer Mode. Unable to continue whih the operetion.


            If i use the EFI Shell I'll gets this error:

            "is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file"


            just so you know how much mess i have created, I was tired of the Fan noise in SC5299WS Chassis with S5000XVN motherboard so stupid me i followed this recomandation from Rajiv doolup on this pagewithout checking if this applies to me, so i did it and that is the resault.


            you already gave me hope as i thought i killed the board, but now that is back to life, if i can pass this "BMC is in FW Transfer Mode" issue then I am able to update the EFI.


            Thanks for your help and advise.

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              Hi if i try the BMC65.bat i get this error:

              "Platform group ID's don't match in the PIA.
              THe update cannot continue."


              Thanks again.

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                I believe you moved the BMD Force Update jumper (J1E3) and your server can boot am I right? If so the message you received in IDA is expected.


                Can you try to boot to DOS and run the following command manually in the BMC65.bat directory:


                fwpiaupd -u -b -o -pia -ni -p -noverify -nopc SLBMC65.hex


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                  Thanks Edward for your advise and time, it worked and system is back to normal. i also try the deployment assistant and no problem. Thank you very much again for your help.



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                    I recently built a new system using the S5000XVN with 2 x E5410 cpu's 16GB RAM and installed everything into the SC5299DP. The initial startup and update to the firmware using the Server Deployment Toolkit CD went very smoothly etc.


                    After a few days of use I noticed the front indicator was flashing amber, I checked the LED's at the rear and the (LED B) SYSTEM LED is flashing amber/red. However when I remove the power cable, reconnect and start the machine everything goes Green but soon after the POST checks the LED B starts to flash amber/red.


                    So I decided to run the Server Deployment Toolkit CD again and tried to update the BIOS etc but now each time I try this I receive a error:


                    "Update file not available for download. Please try a different update file or try again later [0x05000006]"


                    I have cleared the BIOS by using the jumper and repeated the process again but still get the same message.


                    I have checked there is not problem with the networking, I have tried both DHCP/STATIC and i can connect successfully to a network share.


                    I am wondering whether there is a fault with the new motherboard?


                    Any ideas?