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    XL710 VF and loopback


      I have an XL710 VSI that is running in a VF and uses RSS queuing across multiple queues on input. In fact there are 4 RSS queue sets in the VF. For various reasons I want to put frames on each XMIT queue in the VF and loop them back to the matching RCV queue. I have modified the VSI to set the "Allow destination override" bit in the ADD_VSI command. I've also set the SWTCH  field in the context transmit descriptor to 11b and set the TARGET_VSI field to the VSI id. This all then works in that the transmitted frame is looped back to a receive ring. But there is a catch. Frames put on transmit queues 0 thru 3 all end up being looped back to the rcv ring of rcv queue 0, instead of back to the appropriate matching rcv queue eg  Xmit 3 to Rcv 3. Can anything be done about this?