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    7265 adapter PMKSA authentication storm when WPA2 Enterprise profile is pushed by GPO (More than 500 PCs deployed with other adapters without any issue)


      We have a big issue with Intel Dual Band Wireless+BT 7265 driver,

      When used WPA2-Enterprise profiles pushed by Windows GPO, the wifi card authenticates every second using PMKSA. It is a authentication storm that we see in our wifi APs.

      This does not happen with Intel 7260 (tested in 400 PCs, different HP models) or when the profile is manually created (not pushed from a AD GPO).

      This issue happens with all the PCs using 7265 card, only with it. Right now, we have this card in all the last delivered HP Elitebook 840G2.

      We've tried HP original drivers (HP connection Manager), the Intel last drivers with and without PROset (removing previously HP Connection Manager), and some old Intel drivers too, always with the same result.

      We know the "every second" authentication happens because we have monitored the WIFI netwok with a "monitor" mode card. The  starting outgoing packets are always originated by the 7265 driver. Also, we see the authentication in the wifi APs (enterprise Netgear APs), because we have syslog, and the any Intel 7265 card that connects, starts sending the 4 way handshake for PMKSA (PEAP 25) wifi L2 proto.

      So it seems a bug in driver.

      Just to assure the problem/bug  is not in Windows Group Policies, we created it from a non-GPO exported profile (a manual one), imported into GPO, updated to clients, and compared a re-export with the previous on, and they are exactly identical. This demonstrates there is a bug in Intel drivers

      None other card, Intel or other brands, have this behaviour (we have 500 PCs deployed in this customer)

      Please, help with this issue.