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    DX58S0 Problems and Solutions


      Information for all the DIY people on this motherboard.


      1. Make sure you have a case with very high air flow or that you are using liquid cooling. I opted for the 932 HAF case from CoolerMaster because there is no liquid cooling blocks on the market that will pull the heat off the IOH chip.


      2. If you get the beep codes on start shut down and make sure that your processor fan is seated completely. The push pin idea is a very sloppy cheap design for seating the heat sink on the chip. If you still get a beep code and you know without a doubt that the processor fan is seated properly check the IOH heat sink and see if you can rock it in any direction. If it does move that means that the grey crud used as heat sink grease on the chip has dried out and broken loose from the chip and is not transfering heat away from the chip. If you have the tech skills remove the heat sink and use a NON CONDUCTIVE heat sink grease on this chip. I used stock grease from Radio Shack and had a 20 degree C drop in the temp. on chip.


      3. The IOH fan that comes in the box is insanely noisy with a high pitch whine. Dear Intel could you please make a bracket and fan assembly that supports a bigger fan that can rotate at slower speed to cool this heat sink? To solve this problem with the fan noise I bought the HAF case and removed the fan completely. The chip now operates in the green with no problems.


      4. The Control Center Software that comes with this board gives very goofy readings. It says that ambient temp. in my room is over a hundred degrees F. Not! Try 68 degree F. I have no idea where this sensor is located but something is really wrong with either the placement of the sensor or the software is reading it wrong. Makes me question all the other readings this software monitors. Hello Intel! Could you please test this stuff in something like the real world please?


      The board is a very nice board for running a dual crossfire video card setup. I suggest that anyone who buys this board buys a full server case like the 932 HAF. Then you can dump the IOH fan. The 3-240mm fans (dinner plate size) that are included with the 932 HAF case are insanely quiet. If you buy this case run them all directly from the PS. Forget about using the onboard fan connectors since each fan sucks down .4 amps each. I doubt that the board connectors are designed to handle this type of load. The only fan I attached to the MB was the rear standard 120 mm fan that also came with this case.

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          ambient temp means case temp. IOH fan is not really needed anyway. the fan does not cause a beepcode when not seated correctly.

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            I think he means the IOH heatsink may not be seated properly, rather than the fan. I noticed a bit of movement on this heatsink myself while installing a fan. And yes the stock Intel fan is very noisy! I used an Akasa fan instead and it's quiet enough. Installing the fan knocked some 20 oC off the temperature so don't know if it is really worth remounting the heatsink, which would no doubt scrub my warranty.