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    Bring back the FIVR for sub 14nm (e.g. skylake, kabylake, skymont) processors


      I'd think Intel need to have 2 lines of CPUs, one with the fully integegrated voltage regulator, and a line without

      - an 'enthusiast' class that possibly don't have the FVIR  e.g. the K series skylake

        (this is for the group where overclocking provide the thrills and the extra mile)

      - and the 'pro-sumer' class in which it is high performance with strong energy efficient options, e.g. an ability to 'shutdown individual cores'

        hopefully that happens with mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, notebook PCs) where *battery life* is critical

        and even for a desktop PC running on a 'low energy' mode - note not standby, perhaps a single core out of 4 cores running.