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    running local file/script on Edison breakout board from android app over http


      hello everyone,



      I was thinking new ways for optimizing my Intel Edison mini breakout board and came to point where I needed help.

      Basically i want to run local scripts stored on my edison board which can be controlled from an android application over the internet.

      that means if i have my board and android application connected to internet  (i.e WiFi or cellular,  within same network or different)    i should be able to give commands/button-events from my app to perform specific tasks defined in the scripts on edison board.


      It seems rather programming related question than Intel Edison but I did not get desired results from other sources.

      I could found the related solution in this link   but it is for web browser and .HTA application as mentioned in the post.  i want this for android app and intel edison board.


      So please guide me what steps should I follow to get my goal ?

      any sources links , examples will be very helpful to me.


      Thank you.