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    DP67BG will not boot after installing a new gpu error 5A


      Hello My intel motherboard DP67BG will not boot after installing an AMD r9 380 card in either pcie slot.

      If I put my old card back in the motherboard everything boots as normal (gtx 560 ti). I have tried multiple settings

      in the bios, resetting the cmos... pretty much everything I can think of to get this new card to work


      the specs of the system are core i5 3550 3.3 Ghz

                                                  8GB RAM

                                                 KINGSTON 120 GB SSD (sata)

                                                 samsung 500GB 9700 rpm hdd (sata)

                                                 Intel DP67BG motherboard

                                                 Version AAG10491-401

                                                 BIOS - BGP6710J.86A.2209 (Latest)

                                                 Windows 8 64 bit


      The system displays the boot logo screen with the error code 5A and then jumps to a dark screen with 0_ in the lower right hand corner of the screen