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    NUC NUC5i5RYH + Dual Dell U2515H monitor connected with mHDMI and mDP freeze sleep




      I'm having a customer who owns 5 nucs with each a dual u2515H screen setup, overnight the system totally freezes and you have to reset the system..


      I can't seem to solve this problem..


      One screen is connected with mDP to DP, the other with mHDMI to HDMI.


      - Updated BIOS

      - Updated GFX Driver


      I read other people also have this issue, but i'm not sure if the problem is with the HDMI or the DP?

      if HDMI i could try using Daisy chain.


      Please report back to me..


      Thanks in advance. I see in the search that this issue persists since over 8 months..