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    BIOS (and all other) displays too large for screen


      Hi there,


      My laptop is a Compaq mini CQ10. The past weekend I turned it off normally and the next day when I turned it on I notice that all icons on the Desktop were grouped to the left and the display was too large for the physical laptop screen as if the aspect ratio was changed from 16:9 to 4:3. The laptop works very well, I mean, there are no other hardware and software (including OS) problems. The problem extends also to the BIOS screen and other screens like Windows XP and 7 installations.


      I read somewhere that running a live cd of Linux does not show this problem, I could not test it yet.

      Other post I found says that forcing the installation of a Video Windows Vista drivers fix the problem because the problem is not in the laptop hardware but in the core of the Intel driver. My laptop does not have Vista drivers.


      I've tried:

      - Reinstalling a new video driver, does not work.

      - Trying to change some params in the Intel Video software, does not work.

      - Flashed the BIOS using different versions of it, does not work.

      - Looking into the BIOS for any option to indicate me how change the display aspect ratio or something, nothing found.

      - Connected the VGA port to an external monitor, the image fit perfect to the monitor. WORKED but not in the laptop screen.


      Adapter: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 Series

      Driver version:


      So people, I really need this laptop, I hope you can give some solution.

      Thanx in advanced