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    Star Wars Battlefront wont run on ASUS K55A, i5, 8GB, Win 8.1, intel HD Graphics 4000


      My son bought the new video game Star Wars Battlefront and it will not run on his ASUS laptop.  It keeps telling him he needs to update his video driver.  We have done that several times but we still get the same error.  He has an ASUS K55A laptop, intel i5, 8GB memory, Windows 8.1, intel HD Graphics 4000.   Intel HD Graphics is his only display adapter.  I have attached an MSInfo32.exe export file.  have also attached a screen shot of the error message.   The game will not start.  It tries to start, goes to a black screen and then the error message displays, and then the window closes out.   Would anyone be able to tell us, what if anything, we can do to fix it?  I