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    [How-To] Intel Compute Stick Windows 10 Installation in under 40 mins


      A simple guide to make an Windows 10 installation under 40 mins.

      //Working (only) with built 10240 RTM (yet)!// -Thanks to Rumbaar.

      What do you need:

      • A USB drive (at least 4 GB)
      • A Intel Compute Stick (Windows Version)
      • A USB hub
      • Your Windows key of the Compute Stick (Use a keyviewer software) if you don't have it bevore the Installation, you'll loose it! -Thanks to @ivanu_intel
      • Optional: A ethernet adapter, if you download Win10 on Compute Stick (it saves you time and is more convortable)
      • Newest version of BIOS: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/de/product/86612/Intel-Compute-Stick-STCK1A32WFC

      1. Get Windows on an USB drive
        • Download the Universal Media Creation tool for Windows 10 and start it
        • Choose Create installations media for another PC and go to next
        • Choose your language, your edition of Windows (pre-installed version is 8.1 home, so -> Windows 10 home) and 32-bit version of Windows
        • Go to next
        • Choose USB-Drive and go next
        • Choose your USB Drive and click next
      • Windows is now Installing on USB


        2. Install Windows on your Compute Stick

        • Boot up Windows 8.1
        • Go to your USB-drive in the Windows Explorer and double click at setup.exe
        • Go throw the setup
        • After you done with setup the Compute Stick will restart and will install much faster Windows 10!


      Thank you very much for reading this.