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    BIOS von DH61BE updaten, da vermutlich Virusbefall



      Auf einem Desktop PC mit Intel DH61BE Mainboard stimmt etwas mit dem BIOS nicht. Kann das BIOS kaum mehr öffnen. Muss die Batterie herausnehmen, ansonsten habe ich mit F2 keinen oder nur noch ganz selten Zugriff. Meine Vermutung daher, dass das BIOS infiziert wurde. Auch hat die WIN7 Maschine einige eigenartige Verhaltensweisen: Kann Virentool nicht mehr updaten und es ist jedes mal nach einem Neustart ausgeschaltet. Allerdings finden die Virenscanner (diverse Scanner auf einem USB-Multibootstick) keine Schadsoftware auf der Festplatte oder im MBR.

      Wie kann ich das BIOS am besten überschreiben und woher bekomme ich die entsprechende BIOS-Version für einen DualCore Intel Core i3-2100, 3100 MHz (31 x 100) Prozessor und einem Intel Cougar Point H61, Intel Sandy Bridge Chipsatz, da das Board keine offizielle Unterstützung mehr hat?

      Habe etwas von F7 und iFlash gelesen; funktioniert das?

      Herzlichen Dank für brauchbare Tipps


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          Regardless of the method chosen, the BIOS update process is always identical: (1) the BIO file is placed into memory, (2) the system is (automatically) rebooted and (3) the BIOS, during POST, sees the BIO file in memory and begins its install.


          There are three methods available:


          1. You download just the .BIO file and use the F7 method to install. In this case, it is the BIOS that is placing the .BIO file into memory.
          2. You download the .BIO file and the iFlash utility. You must boot to DOS (MSDOS, PCDOS, FREEDOS, etc.) to run the iFlash utility. In this case, it is the iFlash utility that is placing the .BIO file into memory.
          3. You download the Windows Express BIOS Update executable. In this case, the .BIO file is contained within the executable and this executable places it into memory. It does an orderly shutdown of Windows before the reboot occurs.


          Understand, the BIOS update process is identical regardless of which method you use to get the BIO file into memory. No method is more (or less) likely to succeed than any other.


          The fourth option is BIOS Recovery, which involves a strapping (jumper) change on the board. This method is usually used when something has happened (corruption, for example) to the existing BIOS. In this case, the Recovery BIOS finds the BIO file on the available medium (CDROM, Flash Disk, etc.), loads it into memory and does the reset. The removed jumper tells the Recovery BIOS to replace the existing BIOS completely, regardless of version. The downside of this method is that there is no guarantee that any custom BIOS settings that you have made will survive the update process; you will have to reapply (or at least verify) all settings manually.


          You can get the latest BIOS package for your board from http://downloadcenter.intel.com.  Here's a link to the download page for the latest version of the BIOS for your board: Download BIOS Update [BEH6110H.86A].

          While it's true that there are third-party generic BIOSs that might work with this board, I do not recommend them. These generic BIOSs more often than not do not completely comprehend all of the hardware on the board. Once you start the process of installing a third-party BIOS, you will be stuck; you cannot go back to the Intel BIOS.

          Hope this helps,


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            Thanks a lot N. Scott. That is very detailed and helpful information.


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              Sorry, but I have to come back to you:

              First tried to update the BIOS with the F7 option and got till the selection of the newest BIOS file. After pressing ENTER there came an error message that said Capsule Header Invalid, system will reset ... So this didn't work

              Second I tried to reset the BIOS with the Jumber putting on pin 1 and 2. This only brought me into the BIOS, but nothing else happened

              I tried to just remove the jumber as shown in the manual - nothing happened. The light on the USB drive was blinking (for more than 10 min) but nothing shown on the screen.

              What does this mean? What can you suggest?


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                Placing the BIOS jumper on position 2-3 will send the machine to Maintenance mode, there you can change BIOS configuration.

                When you remove the BIOS, this will help with BIOS recovery: File name: BE0120.BIO


                Desktop Boards — Instructions for Recovery BIOS Update



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                  Hello Allan

                  I removed the jumber totally and put the BIOS file on a USB stick but there was nothing shown on the screen (as shown in the manual). What is different now anyway: I again can access the BIOS settings with pressing the F2 key and the different key options are shown at start up. So it seams that something has changed even though I got no message on my screen (was black all the time).

                  And what does this error message mean: Capsule Header Invalid? Do you know?


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                    It means that the BIO file (which is called a capsule file because it contains a number of update capsules) is corrupted (likely an error occurred during download).


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                      No error during download - but anyway, it works now, everything is well and there are no more odd behaviours of the operating system. Looks like, there was really something wrong with the BIOS.

                      And as evrything is working well I don't want to fiddle about the BIOS file and try to install it anew.

                      Thanks anyway for your help and support.


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                        I’m glad to hear that your system now is up and running