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    Not like a PC, it is a PC - Really ???

    Navin Nembhani

      Why is the Support Team still Unresponsive several days after the Windows 10 Fall Update Issue (build 10586) affecting millions worldwide? Any Escalation Matrix for such issues, complaints, etc.?


      With Windows 10, the line between mandatory & optional updates barely exists. The given update was automatically pushed/installed via Windows Update without any explicit end user choice and no clear definition of any potential risks or issues. Microsoft identifies machines/devices requiring updates based on a well defined hardware & software signature.


      Periodic updates are absolutely necessary to guard against security vulnerabilities as well as proper functioning of various apps.


      Intel cannot NULL the warranty just because they did NOT collaborate well enough with Microsoft regarding various compatibility & testing issues and the undesired release to the general public. Intel & Microsoft may blame each other - the end user suffers.


      Intel's famous slogan regarding the Compute Stick " Not like a PC, it is a PC " has clearly backfired after the Windows 10 Fall Update (10.0.10586).


      A PC can be formatted clean and reverted back to a working version immediately, if required - most Compute Stick users have been unable to do so after the auto update to build 10.0.10586.


      Kindly advise.